TypicalXCrap One Day in San Diego


Typical Culture X Crap Eyewear spent the day cruising around San Diego with Crap family Chris Gregson and Truman Hooker. Hitting up WSVT, A few crusty alleyways, and ending the day at a D.I.Y. spot. Check out some behind the scene photos on Crap’s website.

Truman Hooker, Stalefish, Tony Acosta, Skateboarding, Crap, Crap Eyewear, Crap Sunglasses, Typical Crap
Truman Hooker, Fs Stalefish.

TypicalXCrap, Crap Eyewear, Typical Culture, Typical Crap, Crap Eyewear Skate, Chris Gregson, Truman Hooker, Crap Sungalsses

Video/Cut: Dowdy Photography: Tony Accosta Illustration: Connor Getzlaff

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