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WSVT Halloween Recap


Another epic year under the bridge for the annual Halloween fundraiser jam! With a few minor delays we kicked it off at noon, it wouldn’t have been a proper Typical Culture event without some hiccups. Photos by Zack Dowdy & Brandon Ayala.

Specials thanks to all our sponsors, couldn’t of happened without them!
Arbor Skateboards, Biersal Food Truck, Brixton, Deathwish Skateboards, Vox Footwear, Watson Laminates, Patines Americanos, Loser Machine, Squeegee Prints, Independent Trucks, Baker Skateboards, Scram Skates, Edison mfgco, Wearetrench, Blood Wizard, Sk8mafia, Lowcardmag, 1001 skateshop, Pick Pocket MFG, EatFiend, Slave Skateboards, Alowe Prints, Mark Ass Grip, Toy Machine, Z-Flex Skateboards, and Jessup Griptape.

Biersal Food Truck was setup and ready to serve right at 12.

WSVT Halloween 17-4
Mike showed up ready for Xmas.

I showed up early to layout the death race track.

Stafford from Pick Pocket MFG came and setup a rad booth, while blending in with the park’s art.

Heman of Eatfiend blog kept all the hungry skaters fed.

Daymien looking like a proper weed trimmer, is this a costume?

Marcel had to work, but not before a few handplants.

My dudes!! All dressed up and ready to rip, wheres my costume prize?!

Cope as Nolan Johnson!

Mark kept it wild, and weird. Everything we like.

Hotdog bowse Shaun Ross tossed up some mean Texas sauce.

Malarkey gets inverted and took 3rd in Best Trick. Chris Cope took 2nd, and Chris Coogan took 1st.

The deathrace got heated up really quick.

These under overs were not planned! It was pure madness, figuring it out on the go. At the end, Cope took 1st.

It was a blast, we raised $600+ for the skatepark and had a damn good time! Thanks to Arbor Skateboards for throwing down $$ for best trick and the deathrace. Thanks to ALL our sponsors!

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