Derek Elmendorf, East County Bound & Down

Well, he fucking did it. That’s all I can say, he fucking did it. This part is pretty epic, but this ender is the ender of all time. I remember looking at this kinked rail when I was about 13 I lived right around the corner from it. Occasionally you’d see a biker trying to hit it with tons of filmers around. But never saw a successful one. There’s rumor of Ben Hatchell trying to smith grind it. But Derek attacked this beast first with a gnarly 50-50.

Cop the full length “East County Bound & Down” DVD here.


Ultrabowl – Weekend Hype

Malmo, Sweden’s Ultrabowl contest was another fucking epic session this year. It’s a place where gratitude is full, and humble vibes are present. The mashing doesn’t stop. Here’s a few clips for the Weekend Hype!

Also check out a full contest edit from The Skateboard Mag.


Brad McClain // Killing spree “Die Hard” part

Thrasher just posted Brad’s new full length part, this shit is heavy. So maybe go take a dump before you watch, otherwise you might shit yourself.

Firing line..

Fucked up Hall of Meat at Tigard..


Magnified: Tyler “Squints” Imel

Squints is the fucking man! This truck bash is literally in clinton keith pool.


Keeping the Underground w/ Daniel Vargas

Spitfire has a rad commercial featuring Daniel Vargas killing it at Channel St & more. The Bs Shuvit he does it insane!


Rip-Clip with Chris Coogan

It’s always a plaessure filming with Coogan, so stoked to be working on a full part with him for the “Mash With Us” video, here’s a Rip-Clip that The Skateboard Mag just posted to keep you hyped for whats to come!


Marius is pro

Check out this video of Marius and his vision behind the lens. Killing it in the streets and constantly maintaing the best PMA attitude – it rubs off when you’re around him. Nothing but good vibes and mashing..


Memorial & WSVT

Someone sent me this a little bit ago, but I forget who sent it, but these guys are ripping!


Ramshakle’s Going Nowhere tour

The boys hit the desert to camp and skate – featuring a tons of homies not just Ramshakle team… Not on the team is Trevor Ward, Brendan Keaveny, James Martin. Ramshakle Team is Chad Bartie, Josh Hawkins, Aldrin Garcia, Nick Palmquest, Angel Cardenas, Ray Macken and Sierra Fellers (Not on this trip).


HOAX at Salamander Ranch


The HOAX crew headed out to Salamander Ranch D.I.Y. with a few team riders and came back with this video clip for us! HOAX is a rad company from skateboarders. that produces some killer mashing products. Featuring Chris Russell, Danny Gordon, Jordan Toledo, and Izy Mutu.
Film/Edit: Kasper Tobias & Cesar Romoldi