Skippy’s next VX video is titled “Brianfreeze” here’s the trailer to get you stoked!

Georgie Tsushima

Our deepest condolences to the Tsushima family. Georgie, you will be dearly missed and remembered by your Stereo teammates, your friends, and your skateboarding brothers you created all over the world. Rest in peace, brother… – Jason Lee and Chris Pastras

Steadyfast Die Fast

Steadfast Die Last is about a group of friends from San Diego that all started skateboarding in the mid to late 80’s. We’ve all grown up now (a description I use VERY loosely) and became construction workers, sales men, entrepreneurs, haberdashers, mail men, mechanics, tattoo artists, designers, husbands and fathers. But before we were any of those things, we were skateboarders. Cheers to all the old timers who never put away their wooden toy.

Issue 8 Video – Mythical Vulture in OZ & More

Here we have some video visuals to follow up with the release of Issue 8 of Typical Culture including the Mythical Vulture goes to OZ article.You can order/view the zine right here.

Sun Diego Welcomes Little C & Giles

Jesse Silva has taken over the Team Manager roll at Sun Diego. Things should be getting spicy! His a sweet welcome to the team video featuring Little Chris and Sam Giles.

Typical Culture Issue #8

Now you can read Issue #8 online & also order yourself a copy to hold in your hands, free life still exist – we swear! Order here.

Typical Culture #8 comes in beautiful black/white xerox paper. This issue has Juan Carlos on the cover with a Fs Air & includes a interview with Andy Mack, Mythical Vultures goes to OZ, Blow It Out Spot, Fuck This Video Too, NYC Postcards, Al Brunelle, Squints & more.

Photos from James Truesdale, Zack Dowdy, Sergej Vutuc, Jon Glass, Tosh Rice, Austin Squire, and Nicola Debernardi.

Jerry Gurney’s “Masters of Wizardry” Part

A fan favorite for sure, Jerry stays in full character all the time. This kid are grown into a full blown metal wizard.

Baja Full Length

TWS posted Otto Ray’s full length video BAJA. If you uploaded the San Diego skate-scene to a floppy disk, you’d have BAJA. Featuring: Nick Suarez, Spencer Prati, Andy Mack, Nick Riley, Jake Anderson, Q Perez, Brendan Keaveny and many more. That’s that water talk!

Ryan Connors & Rodrick Johnson @ Poods Park

Kevin Marquez made a nice little edit of Ryan & Rodrick cruising Poods park!

TWS Checkout: Gary Bolos

Gary has been killing it down at W.S.V.T lately, rad to see some gnarly street skating from him in this TWS Video check out as well.