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Tadashi started a entire new concept of getting “In there” with his new lens filters “Tadashi Filters” check it all out right here. Continue Reading →

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San Diego’s Neal Mims has grown from just a skate instructor for kids to a full blown skate academy! Check out this clip from T-Bone highlighting the open day at Neal’s new skatepark. Continue Reading →

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Beaver is always holding it down for the memo homies. Check out this new part with shredding all over San Diego! Continue Reading →

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We’re still hungover from the Space Wax show last week. So we’ll leave this short and sweet – Space Wax we love you, thanks for giving me a bloody nose and lots of whiplash.
Photos by Ian Stribling

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Heman’s official EatFien’s Shit Show episode 26 is live and my favorite episode to date! Featuring Q Perez, McKinney, Stearns, LaRue, Getzlaff, and more homies! Continue Reading →

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