VOX Goes Camping pt.2

SD’s Brendan Keaveny, Luis Sedano, and more homies hit the road with the VOX boys.

Lightbox Series: J-Mag

Here’s the next film in the Lightbox Series: Hockey, about J-Mag (John Magnusson) turning down a career in Sweden’s premier hockey league in order to work behind the scenes developing the Malmö skate scene instead..

Video Check Out – Nick “Tez” Saurez

The bowling ball just keeps getting smoother and smoother.

Manny Mondays – Memo

TWS has Kellen James, Darius “Woogie” Jackson, and Alexis Ramirez getting down with some manuals at memorial park.

VOX Goes Camping Part.1

Always a blast taking the homies into the desert, camping, and skating.

Grundy’s Skate Shop

The boys down under are killing it on their D.I.Y. game. Check out this video segment, and Vote for this boys here. Also Levi Moore – Shop rider & destroyer is entered in a video contest. If he wins he’ll be sent out here to skate/film in sunny SD! Vote for this dude!!

Foundation – Sam Hitz Guest Board

Foundation Skateboards has released a guest pro board with pro skater and creature Creature fiend Sam Hitz.
Back in the early 90’s Foundation was one of Sam Hitz’s first sponsors.
This video clip features “The Turf” section from Foundation’s 1990 video, “Glam Boys on Wheels”.
You can see a young Sam Hitz is in this clip. (He’s wearing the green Star&Moon shirt)

Adding a Skate Plaza to Chicano Park

Chicano park plans to add a skate section in addiontn to all the new changes coming soon to Chicano. We will keep you posted as more news rolls in!

Welcome to VOX – Drew Dezort

No words needed, just watch.

Personal Guarantee – SD Independent Vid

I miss Scott Fippinger… He was an authentic soul. Skateboarding will always remember you Scott. Check out this local San Diego that was created by Brady Ferdig.