San Diego Archives

David McKinney has always been one of my favorites sense the first day I went to a skatepark I remember seeing this fool straight charging everything. Check out this part from the old “Soulgrind” shop video – Composure.

Tadashi had some clips too, along with tons of other homies.

Shea Cooper

TWS has a killer video check-out with Shea Cooper! Pick up their latest issue to check-out his Interview inside.

Joey Poriez Forever

Joey was a good friend to a lot of San Diego native skaters, he was pushing the limits of not only the SD skate scene but across the entire nation at a real young age. Dude left us too soon, keep your friends close!

Chris Russell for Indy

Chris shreds the legendary nude bowl, after all the blown out madness.

Levi Moore

This is the homie from Aus, he rips hard with a killer attitude pure skate rat that just wants to skate.


VOX – Brandon Perelson

Brandon puts together a sick full part for VOX.

Valley Center SkateSpot Fundraiser

There having a fundraiser at the Valley Center skate spot this Saturday, cruise out and support this killer D.I.Y. project!

Kicked to the Curb / Art show

Slappy’s Sunday presents round two of the Kicked to the Curb art show down in the bario! See below for details..

Chris Cope – WSVT

Independent has a Blow’n Up The Spot at WSVT with Chris Cope.

EatFiends UnCut – HEMAN’s Pool

It’s pretty rare to find a Blue Heaven in the middle of San Diego’s most populated town full of skaters – North Park. But Heman did just that, his a little video recap from the Eat Fiend himself.