HEMAN’s Bowl

It’s not very often you find a pool in North Park, much less a Blue Heaven. This gem was discovered by my good bud HEMAN. He hit me and a few other guys up to give him a hand emptying it, but he was so excited he already emptied 200 bucket loads solo.

The first glance.

Then we showed up the next day.. ( HEMAN let us know, this was a full barge and really had no idea what could happen, possibilities were endless ) I saw this plaque, any pool skater knows – this is a sign from the skate gods – transitions below the murky green water were assured.

The boys were already at it.

After pumping out water for about an hour, We got to some real thick water that was pretty much the most deadly sludge I’ve ever seen. With a few more feet to empty.

You find some interesting things when emptying pools.

This was Chris LaRue’s first pool mission.

Truman was killing it the whole time, of course.

Stafford getting down on the pump duty, nice and crusty.

After mass amounts of swet, mud, beers, and hours of dedication. The boys started to shred!

We were lucky to have a few sessions in this epic pool, I’m sure you’ll see coverage soon!

All good things come to a end, now go find yours!


R.I.P. Marc “Shockus” Delellis

I can’t believe I’m writing this, It might be selfish to say I was wishing this all wasn’t true and it was false information shared on social media. But unfortunately we really did loose one of the great human’s to ever grace this planet, and I’m very lucky to have called him my friend.

 shockus, marc delellis
Me & Shockus at a T.C. BBQ @ Route 44.

Even more then that, he was a mentor in a sense, someone I could always ask for advice from and he would love to give it, without feeling obligated or annoyed. Everyone in San Diego that has been skating for a few years has encountered this exact feeling. I will be a stronger person now, with Shockus inside me and all of us he will live on forever. This isn’t going to be easy to cope with, but knowing Shockus, he would probably make some funny joke and we’d all laugh with tears.

Ride on forever big dawg, and I can’t wait for the day we shall mash together again. Thanks for making such a big impact on me and the entire skate community in San Diego, we all love and miss you.


VOX – Monthly Mash Ep. 1

I recently started working for VOX Footwear, we have tons of plans for the future and it feels rad to be apart of a shoe company that actually cares about skateboarding, and that’s all they care about – not the tennis courts or anything else. Check out this monthly edit featuring Danny DiCola, Hooker, Shaw, and more.


Heman’s Bowl

HEMAN Aka EatFeind, aka the raddest dude in San Diego invited us for a little bucketing of the pool session recently, check out his blog for the full story break-down with photos!


10/3/14 – WEEKEND HYPE!

GET YOUR WEEKEND HYPE!! Ft. Chris Coogan, Brendan Keaveny, Frank Shaw, Ian Stribling.


Mash With Us – San Francisco

I’ve been blowing it lately with the updates here on T.C. I have been so busy with work and filming for the next video. So here’s some photos from a recent trip that I took with Chris Coogan up to the bay area to work on his part for the video. We linked up with James Truesdale the whole time, and just freestyled around the bay area.

The first stop was a nice cafe in The Mission, we met up with Eric Polozzolo who informed us that we were going to the legendary “Hook” spot, so within 2 hours off the plane we were on the way to one of the most legendary skate spots of all time. This trip started off so bad ass, I knew it was going to be productive.

Eric Polozzolo directed James to the middle of nowhere – The Hook

Beers & Ollie – we made it inside The Hook ( It’s not easy! )

Coogan getting ready to roll down into one of the most epic spots ever, the stoke level was maximum.

Getting out is even harder, and worth every bit.

After The Hook we checked out this other rad ditch, where Coogan slayed it yet again along with Adrian Mallory and homies.

James killed it for us all week long, here’s a prime example of awesome. Pissing in the wind.

Mandatory visit to China Banks is a most to any skater visiting SF. Coogan got some killer lines here!

The fine folks over at Lowcard let us stop by, they hooked us up with some killer camping gear & product. Coogan and James sheshed the mini ramp. Here Coogan floats a nice ollie.

Another mandatory spot to check out is Twin Peaks, good spliff zone to enjoy the epic view SF has to offer.

Coogan & James at EMB – can’t go to SF without skating EMB!

James, Bs Tailslide at EMB.

Bs Lipslide as well.

We decided to take 2 days to head out to St. Helena, camp, skate, and check out what David Cole has been up to! All smiles in St. Helena

I got James to take a photo of me in these rad LC sunny’s.

But he was having so much fun with the camera he decided to take a few more, Bs Smith.

Bs Air

Terry Chambers came along the ride with Lefty, here’s a Fs Air. I grew up skating with Terry and his brother, it was rad to be in a different place with him doing the same thing we always have.

Camping in the middle of nowhere, about an hour out of St. Helena.

We hit this random park that was pretty fun. James got this Crook on the way out.

Back in the city – James messing around with a 180 Switch manual.

Warm up game..

Of S.K.A.T.E.

Had to stop by Flower Shop! Coogan with a ollie up Pivot.

Fort Miley is a easy spot to loose your board! James found his..

James, Crook at Fort Miley

We headed to this skatepark called Richmond

This is Matt Barry, he fucking rules. Thanks for letting us crash your couch and being a killer tour guide.

The homie one finger with a Bs Diaster

I did a Bs D too! James has been getting behind the photo camera lately, when not behind the VX.

Coogan – Fs Ollie.

We’ll be back soon to the Bay Area before finishing up the filming for “Mash With Us” Thanks to everyone that let us stay with you and showing us around. A special thanks to Eric Palozzolo, Adrian Mallory, and Matt Barry.


Larb Fest

It’s coming soon! I’ll be making some one-off zines. Plus there will be tons of other rad zines there. Should be a blast – October 11th.

East County Bound & Down

You can watch the entire homie video by Jesse Silva now on this YouTube Playlist.

¡Hombre Pann!

The Breadman cometh! Daniel Pannemann stars in his own full-length remix action-drama-adventure with thrills, pills and belly aches, folks! He’s out there shredding your spots!

9/5/14 – Weekend Hype

Just a few clips to get that Weekend Hype in motion, nothing too gnarly just the boys pushing through the streets and a bridge clip from Lefty!

Ft. Chris Coogan, Lefty, and Brendan Keaveny.