Out of the VOX – Al Brunelle

Al hits W.S.V.T in this quick edit from VOX.

Vagrant Montage

Frank Shaw, Shea Cooper, and more homies ripping it up at Oside’s Prince park and more!

On The Spot – Chris Troy

Killer to see Chris shredding again with full power!


All Dawgs Go to Heaven

Santa Cruz Pro Shuriken Shannon’s tribute to his friend Marc “Shockus” Delellis. In some cultures it’s believed when a person dies they will exist on this earth as long as one human on this planet utters their name everyday. Never Forget, Always in my heart and Roll Forever. Until we roll together again.


Welcome to VOX – Al Brunelle

Al fucking rips, and deserves this shit! Fucking hyped for this dude, he filmed this in 1 week.

We’re stoked to announce our newest addition to the VOX Skateboarding team – Al Brunelle. Al hauls from Denver, CO and now resigns in Santa Clarita, CA. You’ll be seeing a lot more mashing from this fella in the near future!


EatFiends UnCut Shit Show Part 16

HEMAN’s at it again with this raw uncut epic montage of the Shit Show!

Wes Kremer and Tyler Surrey’s “Pack of Hydes” part

The most G’s of all G’s here they are, skating together. San Diego’s finest.

Pooling Around

The Skateboard Mag has the boys mashing in some more backyard pools.

The Wig D.I.Y. Spot

Always rad to see these projects being supported. Assemble partners with Community Push to bring a DIY Skatepark to Detroit


Mashing with Al Brunelle

I’ve been going on a lot of missions up north to skate with Al Brunelle in Santa Clairta, I’M not a big fan of LA, most of the time I hate it. Just because driving 2 hours spot to spot is not fun. Al has it dialed in pretty good though, he drives fast and knows what he wants.

Al in his natural habitat. There’s some epic D.I.Y. spots just about 10 minutes from his house, Guy Marino built most of them and kills all of them.

Jared Goulston, Bs Smithish.

Al’s homie Jared Goulston Fs Grinding this jersey, we went back a few days ago and it was all chipped up.

Dezort has been getting in on the session too, he’s living in LA now and he’s super stoked plus motivated to skate whatever is in front of him.

Always paving the way

Al and Drew figuring out the lines at this fun down hill ditch.

Drew Dezort, Bs Pivot.

End of the day here with Truman & Al.

Thanks for having us Brunelle!